Neo Traditional Style Tattoos

Neo American tattoo style has become widely seen on skin these days. In Europe, North and South America this particular design of neo traditional tattoo is immensely popular and seems to be the one style everyone wants. So what is behind the fashion of this style? What made us suddenly go for a design and make it become so popular across the globe?

Before considering a neo traditional tattoo, it is important to talk through it first with friends and relatives. Also, ask yourself how the style might fit best for you. As long as you do not run straight off the high street and into a tattoo parlour and browse the work displayed on a wall.

You absolutely need to know that the most prominent tattoo styles are the ones you have decided to choose. You see, there are distinct differences in so-called “black work” and other forms of tribal designs.

There is also a hell of a difference between the neo traditional tattoo and the so-called “new school” style of tattoo art. Moreover, Japanese artwork and tribal designs clash and there is a big difference in the two. This also goes back to the earlier advice we gave surrounding the choice of tattoo artist.

One artist may be excellent at tribal design and another may excel at neo traditional tattoo art. All of these styles are of course contemporary, so it is not possible to get something out of date by choosing along these styles.

Neo Traditional Tattoo Styles

This is a step up from the traditional style. It has all the same properties as its predecessor only with more pronounced lines. It also features truly rich colouring and a sort of deep illustrative aspect too. The style is certain to draw much attention and admiration from your friends.

The Influences of Neo Traditional Tattoo Art

The designs of neo traditional tattoo artwork tend to be creative, lush, illustrative and highly decorative. Art Deco and Art Nouveau are the styles that have influenced this design. Flowers, animals and creatures (often mythical) tend to be at the centrepiece of the neo traditional tattoo theme.

This design tends to differ slightly from the tribal or indigenous body art. Tribal tattoos come from communities like Indian or Aboriginal influences. There is a huge variety in this style as tribal designs can expand to ancient cultures, Polynesian and Kiwi societies that might date back centuries ago.

This post was written by J Michael Taylor. J Michael Taylor is an artist and owner of Black Amethyst Tattoo Gallery. Black Amethyst is a tattoo shop St Petersburg Fl. They provide an art-first approach to custom tattooing in a gallery setting. 

Go Beyond Basic Beauty: Unlocking Professional Level Techniques with Makeup Classes from Dubai

Makeup has become an essential part of our daily lives, and there is no denying that a well-done makeup look can boost confidence and leave us feeling beautiful. However, it takes more than just the basic knowledge of applying makeup to achieve a flawless look that will turn heads. This is where professional makeup classes come in, and Dubai is one of the best places to go beyond basic beauty and unlock professional level techniques.

Dubai is a hub for fashion and beauty, with numerous beauty salons, makeup artists, and makeup schools like Makeup Atelier. The city offers a diverse range of makeup classes that cater to both beginners and professionals. From makeup for weddings and events to makeup for fashion and editorial shoots, Dubai has it all.

One of the most significant advantages of attending makeup classes in Dubai is the exposure to the latest makeup trends and techniques. Makeup trends change constantly, and it’s essential to stay up-to-date with them to remain relevant in the industry. Makeup classes in Dubai feature internationally acclaimed makeup artists who bring in their expertise and knowledge of the latest trends and techniques from around the world. This exposure to diverse makeup styles and cultures can broaden your horizons and help you develop your unique style.

Moreover, makeup classes in Dubai are led by experienced professionals who provide personalized attention to each student. These professionals have a wealth of experience in the industry and understand the unique challenges faced by makeup artists. They teach techniques that cater to the individual needs of each student, making it easier for them to understand and implement the skills learned. This personalized approach ensures that students leave the classes with a thorough understanding of the techniques taught and can apply them in real-life scenarios.

Attending makeup classes in Dubai can also lead to new career opportunities. Dubai is home to numerous fashion and beauty events that require skilled makeup artists to bring their visions to life. Makeup artists who attend makeup classes in Dubai have the opportunity to network with professionals in the industry and build relationships that can lead to future work opportunities. Moreover, makeup classes in Dubai often include practical experience that allows students to work on live models, creating a portfolio of work that can help them secure future work opportunities.

Another advantage of attending makeup classes in Dubai is the exposure to high-quality makeup products. Dubai is home to numerous high-end makeup brands and stores, making it easier for makeup artists to get their hands on the latest products. Makeup classes in Dubai often use high-quality products, giving students the opportunity to experiment with products that they may not have access to otherwise. This exposure to high-quality products can help students understand the difference between quality and low-quality products, making it easier for them to make informed decisions when purchasing products in the future.

Furthermore, makeup classes in Dubai offer a range of courses that cater to different skill levels and interests. From basic makeup courses to advanced courses in specialized areas like bridal makeup, editorial makeup, and special effects makeup, Dubai has something for everyone. Makeup classes in Dubai also offer flexible scheduling, allowing students to choose courses that fit their schedules. This flexibility is especially useful for students who are working or have other commitments.

In conclusion, attending makeup classes in Dubai can help take your makeup skills to the next level. Dubai offers a diverse range of makeup classes led by experienced professionals who provide personalized attention to each student. These classes expose students to the latest makeup trends and techniques, high-quality products, and new career opportunities. Furthermore, makeup classes in Dubai offer a range of courses that cater to different skill levels and interests, making it easier for students to find a course that suits their needs. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics of makeup or a professional looking to upgrade your skills, makeup classes in Dubai can help you achieve your goals and unlock your full potential as a makeup artist.

Garden Tips to Create the Perfect Backdrop for Your Fashion Photos

Outdoor photos combine the beauty of nature with the subject matter. Your garden can be the perfect place to take fashion photos. You can create images that you will love for years. Before you get out your camera, though, you may need to transform your garden. With a Lowes promo code, you can get great deals on outdoor furniture and other items. 

Garden landscaping will help create a great space for photoshoots while boosting your property value. Here are garden tips forcreating the perfect backdrop for your fashion photos.  

Spruce Up Your Garden 

An unkempt garden is not the best place to take photos. You can transform your entire lawn to provide different spots where you can take photos. 

Determine how you want to use your space. Remember that your garden does not have to be a particular shape for it to be perfect, and make sure you get the right tools to get the job done. 

Consider the Lighting 

Observe the different parts of your garden that get sun and light at certain times of the day. When landscaping the garden, think about access to the best spots. A wide-angle lens will help to capture the background perfectly, for example. 

The Garden Design

Your garden design will determine the best location for your photoshoot. If you have large areas, bigevergreens can help to enhance the space. Low planted flower beds can create a great seating area where you can stage somefashion photos. 

The season will dictate background colors. Choosing to plant “out of season” plants will help to ensure that you have some color all year round. 

Use Trees to Your Advantage

If you have mature trees on your property, you can use them to create the best backdrop for your photos. Trees help block glare from the sun while also creating a shaded area where you can set up decorations. 

You can hang pendant lights and create a spot where you take night photos. Trees provide structure and can also help to hide a view that could otherwise be unattractive. Multi-stem trees with elegant canopies can help to create the perfect architectural showpiece. 

Using Different Levels

If your garden has different levels, you can use them to your advantage during the photoshoot. This can be especially helpful when taking group photos. A garden can be designed on different levels even if the lawn is not sloping. 

You can build stone steps into the lawn, creating a seamless look. Having a patio or deck on the property also provides an ideal location for taking fashion photos, looking great as a backdrop in any season.

Use Furniture to Your Advantage 

Your garden furniture can play a huge role in enhancing your photos. Whether you have folding furniture, sun loungers, hanging egg chairs, swing seats, or outdoor sofas, you can use them as props. Working the furniture into fashion photos can help create the perfect backdrop for the outfits.  

In conclusion, regardless of what your garden looks like, with a little ingenuity and careful planting, you can make it into the perfect backdrop for photoshoots.

Why Choose Jefflee Credit?

You might think that this is not unheard of about choosing a moneylender for a loan instead of going to the bank. There are several lenders you can trust to provide instant credit services for your financial needs. And there are many reasons why someone would want to borrow from a private moneylender. In this article, you will find the reason to choose Jeffle Credit for a loan.

If you are looking for a moneylender for a loan then you must contact Jefflee Credit Pte Ltd. Because they are good at money lending in Jurong East.

Here are some points that why you should choose Jefflee Credit:

Interest rates are reasonable

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually illegal for moneylenders to charge high-interest rates. Singapore’s Ministry of Law approves lenders as well as workers with good interest rates. Private lenders in Singapore can charge a maximum interest rate of 4% per month to prevent borrowers from going into debt and paying high-interest rates that are impossible to stop.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about having multiple lenders with low-interest rates. With competitive market rates that you can compare online, lenders are free to compare prices from legitimate lenders in their own system and take advantage of fast support and payment agreements. If you are taking a loan from Jefflee Credit then you would get a reasonable interest rate compared to others.

Flexible with your T&C

Unlike other money lenders or banks, Jefflee Credit is more flexible with its terms & conditions. Other financial institutions can be rigid with their T&C when it comes to approving your loan, but Jefflee is not.

The loan period is also well considered as per your requirement as reliable Jefflee Credit follows a strong code of ethics. Their main goal is to carefully guide all their clients through effective loan terms and reach a mutual agreement.

Less Waiting Time

Bank loans are usually approved only after an average of a week or two due to strict screening procedures. There is no mercy in getting money quickly, even when you need money. This is where Jefflee Credit can help – they usually accept loans on order day because they quickly recognize and add value to a client’s needs.

No Hidden Cost

You have to be very careful what you sign up for and look small for hidden fees and bank loans. From Jefflee Credit, there are no hidden charges. All costs, procedures, and conditions for payment methods shall be determined from the outset.

Advantages of going ahead with licensed moneylenders

A monetary emergency could knock on your door at any time with or without your knowledge. It can be for a wedding, for personal reasons or for business. Or you may run out of money in the middle of the month and need some money for the rest of the month.

In such cases, most people find it difficult to arrange loans or borrow money to manage the financial crisis. If you ever run into a financial emergency and need a quick loan, authorized lenders would be the best option for you.

Traditional loan methods take a long time to process. In addition, banks check your financial status and credit history to calculate your probability of paying the money back.

If you are a Singapore citizen then you must check out good at money lending in Toa Payoh & can grant you a faster loan with affordable interest rates.

Depending on the type of loan you need, authorized lenders offer a loan package suitable for your needs.

What type of loan can you borrow from Licensed Moneylenders?

Licensed money lenders offer personal loans, business loans, wedding loans, quick short-term cash, and more. Lenders in Singapore follow the legal terms and conditions on the loan amount and the interest rate. Since they have a license to lend money to borrowers, they are required to lend a specific amount of money based on the type of loan.

Licensed lenders provide quick loans and help you understand what loan amount would be right for your needs. Once you complete all the paperwork and paperwork at the lender’s office, you will immediately get your loan amount.

Benefits of Licensed Moneylenders

Effortless Application – A trusted lender knows how urgent your financial needs are, so they make the application and approval process as simple as possible. You can even apply for a loan online.

Minimal Documentation – This is a great advantage as you only need the basic documentation to apply for a loan. This can include your ID card, income tax returns, and Bank statement. These documents can be easily collected and sent to the lender.

Flexibility –When it comes to lending money, banks are quite strict and do not approve of those who have financial problems or limitations. A licensed lender offers much more flexibility for loan approval and repayment.

No income restriction – Unlike banks, licensed lenders do not require a high-income level to grant you a loan. Regardless of what you do professionally, you have the option of lending a certain amount of money.

Dystopian Fashion 2

Dystopian motifs in fashion have long communicated worries and anxieties about the fragility of bodies exposed to the prospect of war, catastrophe, and devastation. The dystopian look pairs well with streetwear and military-inspired apparel, both of which aren’t exactly new.Dystopian fashions first appeared on several runways in the late 1990s when it symbolized all of the fears of a generation approaching a new millennium. Dark themes appear to have lasted, so expect them to resurface from time to time to reflect fresh worries and concerns. The armor you choose may be determined by your age, financial level, or other considerations. For more click here

In Europe, a doomsday vibe resurfaced in numerous autumn 2020 collections, ranging from dark cloaks to full-on facial coverings, which looked prophetic once again as the coronavirus virus, which is still not a pandemic, began its silent and deadly progress. In Surrealism, there are certain examples, such as Elsa Schiaparelli’s Skeleton Dress from 1938 and Salvador Dali’s Salvador Dal Instability brought on by war and economic catastrophe made it even more necessary to examine the possibilities of a dark and dystopian future, according to Tynan.

Whether we’re wearing a Chanel suit or a black jumpsuit with leather detail, both might be considered armor. To be fair, dystopian motifs can take many forms: think Raf Simons’ safety blankets, quilts, and dirty firefighter coats from his Calvin Klein days, or the tidy monochromatic outfits and cloaks in “The Handmaid’s Tale,” or the colourful, circus-like theatrics of the wealthy in “The Hunger Gap.”

Boris Bidjan Saberi’s Fall Winter 2020.21 Collection is now available. During the recently concluded Paris Fashion Week, Techno-Punk made an appearance. The collection is a testament to the designer’s technological mastery, inspired by opposing currents, punks not dead, society, and the union of contrasting worlds. Techno is a technological evocation, with a subtle link to the electronic rhythm born in the Detroit suburbs. Punk is a never-ending art form of deciding and being, a rejection of the establishment, a search for one’s own path and continual progress, and a powerful proposal to the world.

Synth-blue on black, with dirty punk-greys and oxidized bleached out heavy workwear artillery, represents technology on punk and innovation. Boris Bidjan Saberi punk warriors are created using reformulated crisp patterns that were once the basis for the construction of craftsmen’s workwear. Following his futuristic experiments and Alchemy, Saberi concentrates on techwear, employing distinctive processes such as object-dyeing after seam-taping or entire oxidization in seam-taped fitted things. Armor is being built into functional clothes for future generations of technologized humans.

The models emerge from a series of shimmering white cubes and walk along a wooden boardwalk lined by smouldering rocks. They generally wore black or ashen boiler suits, strong boots, and spacious coats and slacks. It was an unusually melancholy attempt from a designer known for his vivacity.

Therefore you would have gotten a good idea of Dystopian fashion. In simple words it is basically streetwear that provides clothing styles that are durable and make body feel resilient in the face of an uncertain future.

Top tips for buying a car seat for your newborn

There is only one way to bring your newborn baby home—using a car seat. However, there are a few features that you must consider when getting a car seat for your baby to make sure you get the best one. Well, choosing a car seat is very challenging. Apart from being one of the most essential purchases that you’ll ever make, it’s also one of the most costly. Thus, you must make the right choice to get the value for your money. 

With that, let’s look at some of the top tips that will make your search easier, and make sure you go home with the right car seat. Read on for more information!

Check out your car before you go out shopping

The first thing to do is to read the car’s owner’s manual before if you want to buy a car seat. Typically, you can use either of these two attachment methods when installing a car seat in your car:

  • Seat belt
  • LATCH system, which means Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children—all new vehicles come with this system

Therefore, it’s important to decide which system you want to use before buying your car seat and then search for a seat depending on the installation system that you choose. If you opt for the LATCH system, ensure you know where the attachment points are in your car. 

Moreover, it’s important to measure the back seat to get the available space—this will help you to avoid buying a car seat that cannot fit in the car. If you have a small car, opt for a car seat with a narrow base. 

Go for a convertible car seat

Avoiding buying another car seat for your baby within the first two years will save you a lot of money. Today, there are two options for newborn car seats:

  • Rear-facing infant car seats
  • Convertible car seats—these start in the rear-facing position and then turn forward when your baby grows

Convertible car seats come with numerous benefits because they grow with your child, and they are very safe. The only challenge with convertible car seats is that they cannot be taken out of the car like rear-facing infant car seats. 

Go for a new car seat

Reasonably, everyone wants to buy the safest car seat in the market. However, it’s important to understand that all the car seats in today’s market are tested and approved according to modern safety standards. Therefore, always check for the JPMA stamp on the car seat’s box—a car seat with such stamps means it’s been ratified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). 

But, since the safety technology keeps on changing so rapidly, the best thing to do is to get a new car seat—always avoid secondhand car seats. 

Choose a seat that’s easy to clean

Car seats with a smooth fabric are easier to clean compared to seats with textured fabric, like corduroy. Well, this one focuses more on cleanliness than safety—please remember that cleanliness is as important as the safety of your baby. 

Focus on the essential features

Whether you are purchasing a convertible car seat or an infant car seat, go for one with the following features:

  • 5-point harness (two waist straps, two shoulder straps, and a single strap between the legs, which meets in the middle)
  • Side impact protection (extra air pads or foam at the sides of your baby’s  head)
  • LATCH system (this is the best way to secure the base tightly without using seat belts

Premium car seats also come with extra features, like an anti-rebound bar at the bottom of the seat, which limits movement in case of a crash. Additional features that increase the price of a car seat include accessories like a larger canopy and cushion fabric. 

Another important feature to consider is the straps. Always check to see whether the straps of the car seat are easily adjustable as your kid grows. The last thing you’d want is straps that require rethreading. Most car seats today come with adjustment handles behind the car seat or pull cords between the legs of the baby, and these make rethreading unnecessary. 

High, Mid, and Low-Cap Magazines Explained

One of the interesting things about airsoft is that there are no limits to how you need the game played. Unlike other outdoor games that have certain rules and what should and shouldn’t be used, airsoft doesn’t have any general rules. So, players have the option of playing it as casually or as seriously as they want.

Now, once you get your first airsoft gun, one major question comes into play—how realistic do you want your ammo restraints to be? Well, the choice depends on your preferences. While some serious events will have a limit on your ammo to have a certain level of practicality, your normal Sunday afternoon battle doesn’t have such limits. So, how do you limit your ammo when playing airsoft?

Well, imposing an ammo limit on airsoft is a very simple thing—mostly because of the three magazine options you have. Referred to as low-caps, mid-caps, or high-caps (caps representing capacity), each of these magazines has its benefits and drawbacks. Besides, each of these magazines has a different playstyle when it comes to airsoft. So, if you are a beginner, it can be a major challenge to choose your ideal magazine—but you shouldn’t worry at all, as we shall give you a breakdown of these three options.


Also known as real caps or low-capacity magazines, low-cap magazines are designed to showcase the practicality of specific guns. While low-cap magazines have the same design as mid-cap magazines, they have a shorter feed tube and accompanying spring, meaning they carry fewer BBs. As a result, low-caps lead to a carefully thought-out style of play—meaning players have to choose their shots and targets more carefully. Also, players must avoid certain shots to avoid being outgunned.

Low-capacity magazines are the realistic option for hardcore events, where the organizers are looking to re-introduce real-life combat situations as much as they can. Thus, having a realistic ammo limit creates a more realistic gaming environment. Besides, it adds some credibility to the use of Light Machine Guns (LMGs) which are mostly used for normal airsoft battles.


Now, these magazines provide an excellent mid-point between low-caps and high-caps. The seasoned players on the battlefield mostly use mid-caps. These magazines resemble the low-caps but come with some interesting designs. Rather than having a large chamber, mid-caps have a tube, where you can load your BBs. Once the tube is full of the BBs, the spring inside the tube is compressed, and then pushes out the BBs once you load the magazine into your rifle. An average mid-cap can store an average of 80 – 150 BBs.

Because the BBs are stored under high tension, you don’t get the irritating rattling sound, which can reveal your position during a battle. However, you will need a special loading tool known as a speed loader to fill your mid-caps. Air megastore


High-capacity magazines or high-caps are the notorious starting point for anyone new to airsoft. Just like the name means, high-caps holds the highest number of BBs, apart from box magazines. A typical high-capacity magazine can hold an average of 400 – 600 BBs, but this depends on the model and brand of the gun. Besides, high-caps are generally the magazines that will come with your airsoft rifle.

Typically, it’s very easy to load high-cap magazines, as they have a small opening on top of the mag, which makes it easier to load the BBs. Therefore, you don’t need any special tool to load high-caps. Daisy powerline 1000 replacement parts. When you finish filling the chamber, you turn the wheel found at the bottom of your magazine—this allows you to feed the BBs into your gun. When you deplete your BBs, you will need to turn the wheel again to load more BBs into the magazine.

10 Must-have winter fashion essentials. Stay tuned with the latest trends.

Today’s selection contains a wide variety of Supreme fakes and Off-white replicas to prove that you can dress your best during this winter, even on a budget. Without further ado, here are the top 10 winter fashion essentials, for your viewing pleasure:

  1. Comfortable sweatshirt

Right off the bat, this strong contender is one of the best choices you can make while doing your shopping online. Supreme sweatshirts are known for their famous, infinitely recognizable design and snug fit. Impress your acquaintances during your online conferences with a dazzling display of style by getting one such sweatshirt as your very own.

  1. Great shoes

If there is one thing you cannot do without, it’s good shoes during the winter. The Off-White Hyperdunks are the best choice for a dry winter, or one spent often indoors. The light, white design allows you to step lightly, with a unique, deliberate style that will make you feel great.

  1. Stylish bag

Back to Supreme, if you are going anywhere, the shoulder bag is a must have. It will complete your outfit and stand out beautifully against white snow. The Supreme Shoulder Bag is a great choice if you are running errands or need a stylish accessory to bring with you, wherever you go.

  1. Cozy sweatpants

In for a penny, in for a pound – by combining Off-White products your unique style will blossom, even among the stillness of winter. Be comfortable, without giving up any of your sense of style, by getting the sweatpants that best represent what YOU enjoy.

  1. Unique sweater

Wear a unique design over your chest to show the world your distinct sense of style. With the Kapital skeleton sweater, you are certain to turn heads and attract attention, in a positive way. Open yourself up to the world, with this one-of-a-kind design from Kapital.

  1. Warm winter jacket

Off-White is known for great design, but did you know it also sports products of a higher-quality make? By getting an Off-White Winter Jacket, you are guaranteed to enjoy a cozy, wonderful winter, without having to ever worry about feeling chilly again.

  1. Weatherproof jacket

During the tamer periods of winter, you are looking for a jacket that will be just warm enough, without being suffocating or stuffy. The Yeezy coach jacket is perfect for that occasion, blending a unique style, brand name and weatherproof qualities – it is ideal for a stylish winter.

  1. Cool beanie

The stylish bear beanie from Polo Ralph Lauren will not only protect your head from the cold, but also offer you a cool design to look forward to, every time you head out! Beanies are a great way to express yourself and your taste in fashion, without being too overt. What is more, there is a great selection out there, so you’re free to choose! 

  1. Insane hoodie

Hoodies during the winter are some of the most popular fashion articles. To distinguish yourself among all the other hoodie wearers, try going for something more daring next time. The supreme louis vuitton hoodie are just what you need for the occasion, each design being more creative than the last. With these hoodies, you are certain to leave a positive impression.

  1.  Old-school socks

Socks are your little delight, as more often that not, you are going to be the only one to see them! So why not treat yourself to a blast from the past, with the Palace P Socks – the retro wonder with unique color combinations, making you feel good! Remember the good old days, every morning while putting on your favorite socks!

If you follow these recommendations for the 10 most essential winter fashion products to wear, you are certain to look your best, regardless if you’re staying at home, or going out. The best deals for these products can be easily found on Blvcks, the premier replica selling site, so you can save money while you look good! 

The Top 3 Types Of Sandals Everyone Must Have

The fashion and trends of footwear keep on changing. People love to shop for the latest fashion collection running in the market. While purchasing the footwear, every individual looks for the comfort and the right fitting. These two are important factors for purchasing sandals. The online shopping trend has attracted people towards footwear websites where they can pick the right sized and fashionable sandals for them. One can easily get the best sandals online at good websites. Here, in this article, we have listed the top 3 types of sandals that everyone must have in their sandals collection. 

Flat flip-flop sandals

The flip flop is the best pick for everyday use. Whether it’s summer, rainy, or winter season, you must have flat sandals for every occasion. The flat sandals’ designs are available for both genders. Though, the men love the slip sandals during a day out or at some casual event. But the craze for stylish and classic flip flops is among the women too. The flat sandals are comfortable for kids also as they can easily be worn by themselves without the issue of laces and ties. Look for the latest designs available in the flat sandals on the online stores. 

High-heels Sandals

No woman can complete her wardrobe look without good pairs of high-heel sandals. Some women have an obsession with heels. And there is no exaggeration in saying that heels emphasize the personality and look of women even more. Whether you are wearing formal wears, casual, ethnic, or anything else, heels will give a stylish look to your outfit. Pick the right-sized heel pairs for you and your dear ones from the online collection. Some small wedged heels are popular among men collection too. It gives the best look when worn under formal wear or ethnic wear. Keep your collection updated with the latest fashion and become a trendsetter. 

The Slide Sandals

The slide sandals are not only for summer wears. It can be easily carried during every season and occasion. The slide sandals give a chick look to your overall personality. The leather designs will give a royal and rich look to your dressing. The slides are comfortable to carry all day long. People prefer slide sandals during trips as they are easy to carry and occupy less space. There are amazing colours like purple, yellow, black, cherry red, etc. are available in this variety. It will give a funky as well as sober touch to your dressing choice.