Know some of the men’s fashion trends

When it comes to fashion, men folks are no way behind women. Fashion is for women’ is a common myth. Yes, because men are as fashionable as women are, if not more. Every year there are several ins and outs in fashion trends. Wonder what this year’s trend manual looks like? Apart from experimenting with clothes, they are also experimenting with their hair like going bald. Though many do it to mask a receding hairline, some does it keeps pace with changing trends. As per a survey conducted men with a clean shaved head look more authoritative and tough than those with hair. Men can view website that is concerned with men’s fashion and style. So, it’s time to go for that bold look. But before you chop off that hair, there are a few things too about the tools needed and also how to maintain that smooth look. Use clippers to shorten your hair: If you have hair which is more than a millimeter, then the first thing to do before shaving your head with a shaver is to trim it to a shorter length using a clipper or else it can block the shaver with those long hair. Using that clipper reduces the hair to a shorter length and then goes for that razor or shaver to get a clean shave.

Clothing makes the difference

Besides the hair grooming, clothing for men has to be right for being fashionable.

Go Neutral: Soothing and warm tones make you look sophisticated and urbane. Gone are the days when these shades were not regarded as colors but were known to neutralize other vibrant colors. Colors have now shifted to earthier tones. These colors are cool and comforting; perfect for summers, go with linen pants and shirts in these colors.

  Vertical Stripes: Stripes are classics, much like checks. It is hard to remember a time when stripes weren’t in fashion. Available in different colors and sizes, stripes are known for their versatility; they work well for formal, casual, and leisure wear. Stripes fit in everywhere. This year, vertical stripes were all over the runway at the London Fashion Week for Men. Opt for vertical striped shirts for a formal look and wear vertical stripes shorts for a more casual look.

Printed T-shirts:  Printed t-shirts have always been popular among men. They are stylish and comfortable at the same time. Although there is nothing new about printed t-shirts, they are the most versatile item in your wardrobe.