What to Do with Gold Bridesmaid Dresses: A Guide for the Girl Squad

You might have watched a hundred movies saying that you can wear it again, but it does not work that way. When you buy a gold bridesmaid dress trending in the bridesmaid fashion industry, there is barely a chance you will re-wear it again. Gold dresses are all about that jazz, but why do we put off the idea of wearing such a glamorous bridesmaid dress?

Well, if you look closer, you can see how things are changing. First of all, bridesmaids are bent on setting new trends and breaking the old ones. A gold bridesmaid dress is perfect for a formal occasion and semi-formal occasion. It is also a wise choice for experimenting with other things, as well. Let’s have a look at the ways you can put on a gold bridesmaid dress again.

  • Why Bridesmaids Love to Wear Gold Dresses

In case you didn’t realize it, gold bridesmaid dresseshave their own league. Currently, the dull gold dresses are making a comeback. So, get ready to have a flashback from prom! If your childhood best friend is getting married, wearing a prom-special gold dress might be a cherry on the top. Of course, metallic gold dresses are dominating the market even now. Choosing a bridesmaid dress is indeed a challenging task. But leaving the dress in the corner is another pain to endure. The online stores offer endless styles along with different shades of gold. You can easily pick the color that suits your skin complexion. For taking the game to the next level, keep an eye on the gold embellishments. The gold sequin bridesmaid dresses are not a bad way to grace your best friend’s wedding. So, what are the options you have for re-wearing a sparkly bridesmaid dress?

  • You can Always Wear it to Weddings

Since many of your friends, colleagues, and cousins are yet to get married, save the dress for the next invitation. Gold dresses guarantee a shining personality, and you would love to flaunt your alluring side once again. Pick a fabric that will last longer, and does not shrink after washing it. Bridesmaid dresses in gold are usually available in satin, sequins, and chiffon. For a traditional or non-traditional wedding, such a sparkly dress can save you a few bucks. The shade goes unbelievably well with the formal nuptials, so take care of the dress until then.

  • Change it as You Like

When the bride insists upon the same dress code, there is not much you can do. If you need to put on a strapless gold bridesmaid dress, change the style right after the wedding. Hence, attach straps or shoulders as you like. Or, you can stitch a little jacket or shrug as long as the dress looks fine. Showing off too much skin is not on everyone’s list, and there are multiple things to do. Adding the strap or shoulders will add support. It is needless to say, you need not pull up the dress every now and then at the next party. Apart from bringing little changes, you can hem it. Floor-length bridesmaid dresses become a headache, especially when you want to dance. So, take the dress to a tailor and shorten the length. Fix an appointment with a professional seamstress, and get it done. If any of these does not solve your problem, cut the dress. Make the one-piece in a two-piece, and enjoy the blouse and skirt separately.

If you do not have anything to do with the dress, donate it. Thrift stores around the corner are always a good idea. Before diving into the process which can be done later, check out the newest collection of beach wedding dressesfor your BFF now!

Author bio: Laura Miller is a fashion blogger who has already published multiple articles on the latest collection of beach wedding dresses. Here, she talks about what you can do with the gold bridesmaid dressesafter your friend’s big day.