High, Mid, and Low-Cap Magazines Explained

One of the interesting things about airsoft is that there are no limits to how you need the game played. Unlike other outdoor games that have certain rules and what should and shouldn’t be used, airsoft doesn’t have any general rules. So, players have the option of playing it as casually or as seriously as they want.

Now, once you get your first airsoft gun, one major question comes into play—how realistic do you want your ammo restraints to be? Well, the choice depends on your preferences. While some serious events will have a limit on your ammo to have a certain level of practicality, your normal Sunday afternoon battle doesn’t have such limits. So, how do you limit your ammo when playing airsoft?

Well, imposing an ammo limit on airsoft is a very simple thing—mostly because of the three magazine options you have. Referred to as low-caps, mid-caps, or high-caps (caps representing capacity), each of these magazines has its benefits and drawbacks. Besides, each of these magazines has a different playstyle when it comes to airsoft. So, if you are a beginner, it can be a major challenge to choose your ideal magazine—but you shouldn’t worry at all, as we shall give you a breakdown of these three options.


Also known as real caps or low-capacity magazines, low-cap magazines are designed to showcase the practicality of specific guns. While low-cap magazines have the same design as mid-cap magazines, they have a shorter feed tube and accompanying spring, meaning they carry fewer BBs. As a result, low-caps lead to a carefully thought-out style of play—meaning players have to choose their shots and targets more carefully. Also, players must avoid certain shots to avoid being outgunned.

Low-capacity magazines are the realistic option for hardcore events, where the organizers are looking to re-introduce real-life combat situations as much as they can. Thus, having a realistic ammo limit creates a more realistic gaming environment. Besides, it adds some credibility to the use of Light Machine Guns (LMGs) which are mostly used for normal airsoft battles.


Now, these magazines provide an excellent mid-point between low-caps and high-caps. The seasoned players on the battlefield mostly use mid-caps. These magazines resemble the low-caps but come with some interesting designs. Rather than having a large chamber, mid-caps have a tube, where you can load your BBs. Once the tube is full of the BBs, the spring inside the tube is compressed, and then pushes out the BBs once you load the magazine into your rifle. An average mid-cap can store an average of 80 – 150 BBs.

Because the BBs are stored under high tension, you don’t get the irritating rattling sound, which can reveal your position during a battle. However, you will need a special loading tool known as a speed loader to fill your mid-caps. Air megastore


High-capacity magazines or high-caps are the notorious starting point for anyone new to airsoft. Just like the name means, high-caps holds the highest number of BBs, apart from box magazines. A typical high-capacity magazine can hold an average of 400 – 600 BBs, but this depends on the model and brand of the gun. Besides, high-caps are generally the magazines that will come with your airsoft rifle.

Typically, it’s very easy to load high-cap magazines, as they have a small opening on top of the mag, which makes it easier to load the BBs. Therefore, you don’t need any special tool to load high-caps. Daisy powerline 1000 replacement parts. When you finish filling the chamber, you turn the wheel found at the bottom of your magazine—this allows you to feed the BBs into your gun. When you deplete your BBs, you will need to turn the wheel again to load more BBs into the magazine.