Neo Traditional Style Tattoos

Neo American tattoo style has become widely seen on skin these days. In Europe, North and South America this particular design of neo traditional tattoo is immensely popular and seems to be the one style everyone wants. So what is behind the fashion of this style? What made us suddenly go for a design and make it become so popular across the globe?

Before considering a neo traditional tattoo, it is important to talk through it first with friends and relatives. Also, ask yourself how the style might fit best for you. As long as you do not run straight off the high street and into a tattoo parlour and browse the work displayed on a wall.

You absolutely need to know that the most prominent tattoo styles are the ones you have decided to choose. You see, there are distinct differences in so-called “black work” and other forms of tribal designs.

There is also a hell of a difference between the neo traditional tattoo and the so-called “new school” style of tattoo art. Moreover, Japanese artwork and tribal designs clash and there is a big difference in the two. This also goes back to the earlier advice we gave surrounding the choice of tattoo artist.

One artist may be excellent at tribal design and another may excel at neo traditional tattoo art. All of these styles are of course contemporary, so it is not possible to get something out of date by choosing along these styles.

Neo Traditional Tattoo Styles

This is a step up from the traditional style. It has all the same properties as its predecessor only with more pronounced lines. It also features truly rich colouring and a sort of deep illustrative aspect too. The style is certain to draw much attention and admiration from your friends.

The Influences of Neo Traditional Tattoo Art

The designs of neo traditional tattoo artwork tend to be creative, lush, illustrative and highly decorative. Art Deco and Art Nouveau are the styles that have influenced this design. Flowers, animals and creatures (often mythical) tend to be at the centrepiece of the neo traditional tattoo theme.

This design tends to differ slightly from the tribal or indigenous body art. Tribal tattoos come from communities like Indian or Aboriginal influences. There is a huge variety in this style as tribal designs can expand to ancient cultures, Polynesian and Kiwi societies that might date back centuries ago.

This post was written by J Michael Taylor. J Michael Taylor is an artist and owner of Black Amethyst Tattoo Gallery. Black Amethyst is a tattoo shop St Petersburg Fl. They provide an art-first approach to custom tattooing in a gallery setting.